Everest region trekking or Everest trekking is considered the most popular trekking among the trekkers, since there are majestic mountains in the areas. The Everest region is located in the north-east in Nepal, is not just a popular destination for tourists in Nepal for its picturesque views of the highest peak of the world the Mt. Everest [8,848 m] but also other mountains stretched around like a white shaped tooth. Apart from mountains, the region is well-known for the loyal and friendliness of its inhabitants [The Sherpas].

Mt. Everest is recognized as “Sagarmatha” in local language in Nepal. It has always been the best destination for nature lovers and the trekkers.

The Everest region is protected by the Sagarmatha National Park, established in 1976, covering an area of 1148 square kilometers. During the entire trekking region, trekkers are overwhelmed with all the views of astounding peaks, Buddhist monasteries, along with welcoming Sherpa villages. Similarly, the common wildlife in park are Himalayan Tahr, Ghoral, Musk Deer, Pikks (Mouse Hare), Weasel, Jackal and other rarely seen animals are Himalayan Black Bear, Olf, Lynx, and Snow Leopard. You will find over 118 types of birds inhibiting in the park, including the Impeyan Pheasant (Danphe), Blood Pheasant, Red Billed Cough, Yellow Billed Cough, Snow Cock, Snow pigeon, Himalayan Griffion and Lammergeyer.

The Everest trekking region is surrounded by the rugged rocky valleys, alpine forests and meadows, neat Sherpa Villages, Glaciers, and Icefalls. The region is probably the most renowned trekking route on the globe as you can find the most awe inspiring sceneries. The lower elevation of the region is dominated by pine and hemlock forest, whereas above 3500 meters the forest is dominated with silver fir, birch, rhododendron and juniper trees.

Growing barley and potatoes and raising yaks are the few sources of income in this region. The vast majority of youth in this community are involved as mountaineering and trekking guides in the season.

There are many magnificent trekking trails to reach everest region. Among themEverest base camp trekking, Kala-Pattar Trekking, Gokyo Ri Trekking, Gokyo Cho La Pass Trekking, Renjo La Pass Trekking, Jiri Everest Base Camp Trekking etc are most common treks for tourist.