If you happen to search Everest base camp best company in Google, you will be recommended with a number of websites to pick from. Well, the trekking agency listed at the top of the search may not always suit your needs. You need to know about your plan, personal preference, need, and another factor regarding trekking. It could be difficult to find a company taking care of all your necessities. Company history, establishment, experience, arrangement, quality of guide and services, etc. are the few factors which might influence your choice and selection for trekking agency.

If this is your first time in Nepal, we suggest not choose an international trekking agency as your trekking partner for doing trek in Nepal. These overseas companies are simply the bridge between the trekkers and the local companies. All international trekking agencies have to co-operate with local companies in Nepal.  You might end up paying more to these overseas companies as they have to divide your payment.

Lots of trekkers travel solely or hire a guide and porter on their own for doing the trek, which might end up choosing poor guide. However, if you do choose a local company, they will provide you experience guide and porter, as well as all the necessary arrangement throughout the treks. While selecting your trekking agency, consider if the agency is government register and affiliation with tourism, years of experience, price inclusions and exclusions, review etc.

Why you Should Choose Local Trekking Agency of Nepal for Trekking

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